MYS 2018: VideoWorks on Staying on the Frontline of Technology

By Paul Joseph

Enjoying the very best in audio visual equipment is increasingly an essential component of the superyacht experience.

At the vanguard of this trend are VideoWorks and we spoke with Maurizio Minossi, Technical Director of VideoWorks, at the recent Monaco Yacht Show to find out more about the kind of products they produce and why they are the go-to guys for on-board entertainment.

“VideoWorks is a group of companies based in Italy and the Netherlands,” he began by telling us. “We’ve been in the market since 20 years and my focus is on designing, installing and maintaining a complete system that regards the audio visual path, the IT path, and the room control and comfort control for the guests.

We understand that VideoWorks has an entire division dedicated to yachting products, so what can he tell us about that?

“Our yachting history is our main business, so most parts are dedicated to the yachts, but with a fact that we can do a system for corporates and for houses, so we can cross mix the technologies in order to be able to adapt the best technologies for the best situation and in particular in the yachting market.”

What about the rumours that the company plans to expand its services beyond their current remit?

“Yeah, for us it’s quite important to stay always on the frontline of technology,” he said, “and to focus on what are the activities to invest in and expand.

“At the moment we found the two activities that are more important to the yachting market are firstly what we call the intelligence ambiance, the possibility to be able to give users a quite amazing experience on board in terms of comfort and audio visual, which is in the possibility for the power of artificial intelligence systems to adapt by themselves to the moods.

“The second part is what is in the background of this necessity, which is safe and secure networks without any possibility of stealing data and having an IT attack on the network involved.”

By Paul Joseph