MYS: DC Aviation on Keeping Sky High Standards

By Paul Joseph

Private aviation is a hugely competitive sector, with several companies battling to secure the business of elite travellers across the world.

On the high end of the private aviation sector, DC Aviation operates and manages aircrafts and helicopters for companies or private individuals. DC Aviation aircraft owners are often mega yacht owner too and they enjoy coming to Monaco during the Yacht show.

“The world of private aviation is pretty intense,” said Laurent Détroyat, Vice President Business Development of DC Aviation, when we sat down with him at the recent Monaco Yacht Show. “You have lots of different offers and actually our part of the business in relation to private yachting is simply that we have the type of aircraft that owners of superyachts do have.

“That means the superyacht owners usually whenever they need to go somewhere, they need to go far and they need those types of aircraft that can go far.

“And that’s one of the reason we are here, because our owners are here, and also because we offer in addition to private jets, helicopters that can be on the yachts, so it’s a very good mix for us to be present here.”

So what can Mr Détroyat tell us about the charter process for clients of DC Aviation and what other services they offer other than simply getting their passengers from point A to point B?

“What we do is operate aircraft all over the world if people want to charter an aircraft with us, so if they aren’t owning their own aircraft, they come to us,” he said. "We organise everything from catering to the location they want to go. If they want to go to a very specific remote area, we get a helicopter to bring them there. So we pretty much do everything.

“We operate aircraft that belong to private persons or companies and this is really the specificity of our activity. And we are very specific on who we are chartering thee aircraft to, because we don’t want the asset of our owner to be devaluated.

“We charter those aircrafts for them to get some income from the ownership of the aircraft, but at the end of the day it’s really important to them to be safe and not waste time with people who, let’s say, will not use the aircraft accordingly.”

You can watch the full video interview with Mr Détroyat above this article. 

By Paul Joseph