MYS: e3 On the Importance of Staying Connected at Sea

By Paul Joseph

For most people nowadays, reliable, fast-speed internet access is considered something akin to a fundamental human right - and in the exclusive domain of superyachting this is certainly the case.

At September’s Monaco Yacht Show, we sat down with  Roger Horner of e3 Systems and Håkan Olsson, Vice President of Maritime at Kymeta Corporation, to find out more about how the two companies are coming together to enhance connectivity on superyachts across the world.

“The communications are so important, they are probably as important as the water the yacht floats in," Roger Horner told us. “These days owners will only use their yachts if they’ve got good communications.  

“The guests will only charter a yacht if they’ve got good communications, and owners’ children will only come with them if they’ve got good communications. They need to be able to do what they can do at home and in the office on the yacht and anywhere in the world.”

So what tangible services do e3 Systems actually provide in order to deliver unrivalled communications on board a yacht?

“We’re an independent communications integrator,” Mr Horner continued. “We provide communications solutions to yachts to enable them to be connected at all times. And then once we’ve actually got those communication connections we distribute that connectivity around the yacht to provide WiFi access points for crew, guests and owners to use, so that they can come on board, take out their smart phones ,their iPads and it all works straight away.

“Then we provide all of the facilities that they can use with internet access, cyber security, TV screenings and the internet so they can watch TV anywhere in the world.”

You can watch the full video interview with Roger Horner and Håkan Olsson above this article. 

By Paul Joseph