MYS: FunAir Discuss Their Burgeoning Portfolio

By Paul Joseph

“We don’t make yachts, but we make yachts fun” was the succinct way that John Courtney, Chief of Yachting at FunAir, encapsulated the company’s mission when we spoke at the recent Monaco Yacht Show.

The inflatable manufacturing company has made quite a name for itself across the yachting sector with its portfolio of custom toys and equipment, all of which can be adjoined to superyachts and provide owners and guests with a veritable floating playground.

But in the world of the wealthy, demands are ever-changing and Mr Courtney also pressed home the importance the company places on being creative with their products.

“We were founded in the superyacht industry,” he said. “We had our start with slides and jet ski docking and things like that, but we then moved to a broader portfolio and it’s been about innovation and bringing things like climbing walls to the market.

“We have one of our playgrounds on display at the Monaco yacht Show this year with a redesigned blob – we call it the BigAir Blob. It’s actually a rework of a design that was once used at summer camps in the states. It’s an air bag and so you can leap from a tower of the boat, or we like people to jump from our climbing walls on to one end. There’s a partner at the other end of the air sack and it propels that person off into the water.

Mr Courtney was also quick to dispel any impression that the company’s products start and end with slides and climbing frames, and took us through some of FunAir’s other recent additions to its portfolio.

“We’re not just a slide company by any means,” he said. “Actually last year we launched the Yacht Joust which is an inflatable balance beam suspended above the water. It comes with battling sticks and you play with your friend – or client! – and actually joust and one person is knocked into the water.

“Another item that’s been really successful this year is Yacht Golf. With Yacht Golf we’ve created targets that are designed or inspired by the six most famous golf holes in the world. “

Watch the video above to view the full interview with John Courtney and to learn more about a company committed to bringing fun to the superyacht world.

By Paul Joseph