MYS: Nonos Design Discuss the Purity of Life

By Paul Joseph

Nonos Design produce unique sculptures that almost defy description, but are unified by one word that few would dispute: beauty.

We sat down with Mercedes Welte, Founder of Nonos Design, to find out about the origins of the company, the inspiration behind its striking pieces, and to attempt to discover where the unusual name ‘Nonos’ comes from.

“We have created this idea and this sculpture almost 14 years ago,” she said. “It was [her co-founder] Francesca, she came up with the first sculpture, and we were both so enthusiastic about it from the first minute."

So what message do the duo hope people take away when they look at Nonos sculptures and what kind of impact do they hope they can have on the world of art, design and beyond?

“For us it’s very important that we are giving the world this message of the purity of life,” she said. “This is so important in these days, there’s so much negativity around the whole world, so even more we want to give this message of the purity of life.”

Finally, we thought we’d try our luck by asking about the story behind the company name, which has until now been a closely guarded secret. Disappointingly, Mercedes remained loyal to this policy of discretion.

“It’s top secret,” she insisted, only acknowledging that Nonos has abstract overtones. “It's an abstract and also an international name, this was very important to us."

One thing is certain: whatever the origins of their name, Nonos continue to make serious waves in the fast-evolving world of art and design. 

By Paul Joseph