MYS: Remaining Personal with VP Bank

By Christina Tsangaris

VP Bank, an international private bank that operates on a global scale, returns to the Monaco Yacht Show to discuss the growth of their successful year as leading members across the financial sector, attracting the superyacht community with its range of bespoke services that remain personal. Chief Executive Officer Alfred W. Moeckli discusses the quality service of trust that sets VP Bank apart.

With a tremendous pace expanding from Zurich to Singapore, their organic additions to their banking family are just one reflection of their success.

While debates surrounding the rise of digitalisation in the banking world change the mode of client interaction; VP Bank remain commited to providing a personable service with quality assured. "For us, using digital tools is a modern means of communicating with our clients while still continuing to have the personal relationship." states Alfred W. Moeckli.

While technological development remains inevitable, the ethos of VP Bank ensures the welcoming of digitalisation while also retaining its chore values; "We strive to be good, to be personal, to be interactive, responsive and proactive. To be fair and to be honest, this is private banking; to have trust." says Alfred W. Moeckli. 

What sets private banking for VP Bank apart is something unchanged by the progression of digitisation; "Personal attention, short decision times, access to very senior management and more flexibility" are key elements VP Bank deliver with passion and dedication to each and every client. 

For their superyacht clientele, VP Bank BVI remains strong post hurricane Irma; "We have a bank in the BVI with various areas there we interact with the superyacht industry" to which their staff are reportidly safe and healthy. 

By Christina Tsangaris