MYS: Stockinger on Protecting the Things we Love

By Paul Joseph

Stockinger Bespoke Safes prove that beauty never has to be at the expense of function. Their exquisite, customised safes are the security option of choice for huge numbers of high net worth individuals across the world – and with good reason.

We sat down with Matthias Fitzthum, CEO of Stockinger, to find out more about his company, the importance of the ‘Made in Germany’ label, and plenty more.

“Our safes are protecting what you love,” he said. “We can provide 100% bespoke safes, exterior design, interior design, the dimensions, the spaces, whatever you require we can build that for you.

“And the highest level of security all over the world. We are perfectionists, we create impeccable quality in every little detail, just to make our clients happy.”

As for the advantages of German design, Mr Fitzthum is aware that just as the Italian label is crucial in the world of fashion, when it comes to form and function coming together in harmony, nowhere can match Germany.

“Made in Germany is a label very well known all over the planet,” he said. “It is somehow even unique and we are super proud of being located in Germany because we need the know-how of the professional technicians.

"You have to imagine that we need about 30 specialists to create one safe or safe rooms.”

By Paul Joseph