MYS: Titomirov Vodka Discuss Breaking America

By Paul Joseph

It is not just in the world of Rock & Roll that breaking into the US market is seen as the holy grail. Many others also dream of achieving this ambition, and one such company to have done just this in recent times is Titomirov Vodka.

The drinks brand boasts unique restorative properties thanks to the use of alkaline water that comprises 60% of the vodka, and it is this key USP that helped it make waves on the American side of the Atlantic.

We spoke with Alex Titomirov, the company’s CEO and Founder, and its President, Simon Piggott, to find out more about their recent ground-breaking success.

“It’s been a very interesting development,” said Mr Titomirov. “We introduced the product in America and it’s been a tremendous success with the first adopters. Lots of companies bought tasting amounts of the vodka and now they are coming to bigger size orders and we see this amazing evolution for the sizing of the business. So we’re really excited about what we developed.

Given the location of our interview, on the docks of Port Hercule in Monaco, it also seemed an apposite time to ask how the company have managed to ingratiate themselves so well with the superyacht fraternity.

“I’ve been in the business of yachting for a very long time, about 25 years,” said Mr Piggott, “so I speak to all the brokers, the crews, the supporters of the yachting industry and through personal connects we really managed to introduce the drink to the yachting fraternity through the providers, the support, the provisioning. And it’s having very much a good reception in the market.

And for those who haven’t yet sampled Titomirov Vodka, how would he describe the experience to the uninitiated?

“I call it refreshingly smooth,” he said. “Because of the alkalinity and the water you do feel that it’s a lot sweeter and smoother than all the other vodkas on the market. You do have a bit of the alcohol effect initially but once you carry on drinking it you see that it actually smoothens through. It has a great reception with female drinkers too as well as male drinkers – they really enjoy drinking it, not only mixed but as a sipping vodka.

“As for the best way to drink it, sipping certainly, room temperature to taste it, but fridge temperature to really enjoy it, and then with all the cocktails you can mix with vodka.”

You can watch the full interview with Alex Titomirov and Simon Piggott of Titomirov Vodka above this article.

By Paul Joseph