MYS: U-Boat Worx on the Ultimate Superyacht Toy

By Paul Joseph

Dutch company U-Boat Worx have been at the forefront of the submersible revolution that has taken hold over the superyacht industry in recent years.

We spoke to Erik Hasselman from U-Boat Worx at September’s Monaco Yacht show to find out more about the why submarines continue to capture the imagination of yacht owners and charterers the world over.

“The best submarine is defined by view, by performance, by capability to go any direction you’d like, offering safety and comfort at the same time,” he began.

Mr Hasselman believes that the growing desire for superyacht owners and charterers to explore beyond the well-trodden waters of the Mediterranean  and Caribbean is also helping drive a demand for on-board submarines.

“The more remote you go, the more toys or submarines or helicopters people require to explore these remote areas," he said. "And it’s not just on the surface, it’s below the waterline you like to explore, because if you go to Antarctica, or Greenland or Micronesia, you want to see what’s there, not just at the surface.

“I think with the recent trend of the superyachts being more exploring, going further, and also expedition cruise vessels going to that market, we have a great opportunity for our submarines to be added to these yachts.

“Owners are very interested in seeing the things that they will never see in scuba diving. We have a lot of owners that have dived 40, 50 metres with a tank on their back, but some of them don’t want to get cold anymore, they don’t want to deal with the compression anymore, and they want  go to beyond the limitation that applies to them now.

“With a submarine, going 100 metres, 1,000 metres, even 3,000 metres now is not a problem and that gives an extra dimension to what they are doing.”

You can watch the full video interview with Erik Hasselman from U-Boat Worx above this article. 

By Paul Joseph