MYS16: A Global Perspective on Private Banking

By Rose-Hannah Lishman

In 1983 VP Bank became Liechtenstein’s first exchange-listed company. Since then it has been present in the international banking system via the European money market.

Offering worldwide services to their private banking clients, we discuss these pursuits in detail with Thomas Olsen, Head of Private Banking Central & Eastern Europe, who shares details on the rapid growth of VP Bank to date as well as the root of its success. 

"We have offices in Switzerland, Luxembourg, BVI, Singapore, Hong Kong, Moscow and we are trying to profile even further internationally. We try to be very personal with our clients, we travel a lot to our clients and we are very close to our clients.

"We have a very strong focus on the future, managing about 20 Billion dollars worth of external asset management, which means we have to have a strong digital platform to manage and very strong product platform for our clients."

The philanthropic activities of the Bank’s founder has been continued by major shareholder the Stiftung Fürstl. Kommerzienrat Guido Feger foundation. 

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By Rose-Hannah Lishman