MYS16: A Revolution in Outdoor Living with Coco Wolf

By Paul Joseph

Coco Wolf are pushing the boundaries of what is possible when it comes to outdoor furniture. We sat down with company founders Rebecca Le Noel and Claudine Davis to find out more.

"We’re New Zealanders, we like to be outdoors, and bringing the indoors outdoors was our philosophy and I think we’ve managed to achieve it with this great collection,” they told us.

“It’s taken three years to get it to market. The fabrics these days are amazing, so we’ve literally provided the skeleton to put these fabrics on and the furniture speaks for itself really, I think it could compete with what you see indoors.

“It’s everything-proof, really. The fabrics themselves have been treated with something so that if there’s a light rain shower it literally beads off. You can give it a shake and it should bead off. If there’s a torrential downpour then the water should penetrate through the innards instead of the usual sponge type foam which would soak up water this one expels it.”

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By Paul Joseph