MYS16: Aston Martin Discuss The Powerboat AM37

By Christina Tsangaris

Quintessence Yachts and Mulder Design have collaborated with Aston Martin to create the AM37 speedboat. Katia Bassi, Managing Director of Aston Martin Brands has joined us to discuss the design venture further.

“The AM37 is an 11 metre boat, it is a day boat and we’re excited because the response of the market has been just incredible, and the cooperation with Quintessence has been absolutely fantastic because they have been flexible enough to accept the challenges coming from the automotive world," she said.

In it’s creation, the AM37 endeavours to embody Aston Martin’s principles whilst also presenting design features that offer the most distinguished on-water experience.

“We are as a company and as design team very obsessed by proportions first of all, our design team is obsessed [...] with the proportions (one third, two third). So the first thing we did was apply this rule to the boat and also a lot of the elements of the leather the painting etc. and also I would say the windscreen is something really special that encompasses the Aston Martin DNA because the purpose again was not to do something extreme or a design exercise as before but the Aston Martin DNA is there. The dashboard as you can see is a very interesting exercise that all the customers appreciate so they can see the connection between the two worlds,” she added.

“It’s an extension of the Aston Martin driving experience I have to say because what we wanted to communicate with the AM37 is that two worlds that seem completely different could be associated by style, design and of course a great performance.”

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By Christina Tsangaris