MYS16: DeepFlight Adventures & the Art of Discovery

By Paul Joseph

California-based submersible experts DeepFlight are hoping to democratise the oceans by teaming up with Rainbowfish Ocean Technology, making it possible for more people to enjoy the finest most adventurous underwater experiences.

As part of these plans, they have teamed up with Rainbowfish Ocean Technology, a Shanghai-based company at the forefront of the research and development of deep sea technology.

We spoke to Adam Wright, CEO of DeepFlight, and Dr. Xin Wu, Chairman of Rainbowfish, at the 2016 Monaco Yacht show to find out more.

“DeepFlight Adventures is an entity created in partnership with DeepFlight and Rainbowfish to provide submarine experiences at resorts worldwide. So we’ve created a new type of submarine, a new class of submarine, that is able to be launched and recovered from shore" explains Mr Wright.

“So we are able to partner with resorts, marinas, tourism operators on shore and go on submarime tours directly from there. SO although we do have a superyacht sales component, we are the first submarine in the world that you are able to operate from shore.

Dr Xin Wu expands on Rainbowfish as a pioneering company in deep sea technology by explaining the vision and pursuit to conquer the ocean with  technological advancements that bring new and exciting experiences to future generations. 

“Rainbowfish is doing research and development in deep water tourism whereas DeepFlight Adventures is a shallower water experience so you’ll be able to go a maximum of 100 metres.

"We want to develop the knowledge and the help the next generation [...] to develop a reliable and safe means of transportation. To get people down and get people back is the very very first step for us to understand the ocean" continues Dr Xin Wu. 

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By Paul Joseph