MYS16: Stockinger Discuss The World's Strongest Safes

By Paul Joseph

Many yacht owners who keep precious possessions on board, including artwork, jewellery and watches, want to be absolutely sure that they are safely secured.

Step forward Stockinger, who pride themselves on producing what they claim are the world’s most reliable safes. We sat down with Matthias Fitzthum, CEO of Stockinger, at the 2016 Monaco Yacht Show, to find out more.

“What we try to do is build the finest and best safes in the world. We have an incredible track record of security and safety. Since 1978, when the company was founded, nobody was able to open a Stockinger safe by force, so this is really unique in the market and we’re really proud of that and do everything we can to keep it like that," he told us.

“We have a very strong demand of our clients either in residential venues or in the superyachts to protect their collectibles, Most of our clients are collectors of very, very expensive automatic watches and we provide watch winders of the best quality in the world within our safes – up to 70 pieces per safe in the Phoenix, which is our largest model.

“You can easily coordinate and programme each single watch winder according to the watch maker’s specifications, which means that your watch is treated in the best possible way on earth, and is set so that when you pick it and want to wear it you don’t need to do anything and just enjoy the watch.”

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By Paul Joseph