MYS16: The Future of Events In An Exciting Collaboration

By Christina Tsangaris

Lillingston Living have exclusively announce their exciting collaboration with Coco Wolf, who specialise in outdoor furniture with the luxe and sophistication of indoor designs.

“I have an events company called Lillingston based in London on the Portobello Road and we’ve been looking for a product made for all weather conditions, rain sun safari snow, boats etc," said Lillingston Managing Director Fleur Cooper. 

“We’ve discovered this brand Coco Wolf and there really is nothing like it on the market. What’s so fabulous is that it really has the quality, the luxury, the feel of indoor furniture but it’s made for outdoors. You’d never actually believe that effectively it’s plastic [...] but feels like velvet or linen, it’s absolutely exquisite in every way.

"I don’t know any other product on the market like it, I fell in love with it. It’s a collection, which we’re developing and we soft launch this year. There’s a lot more to come Spring 2017, so we’re in production for a number of new amazing products starting with the Coco Wolf furniture range it’s something we’re really proud of to be official distributor.

“Naturally our client base has started evolving and developing very quickly. As soon as you see the product you really fall in love with it and want it in your home.”

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By Christina Tsangaris