MYS16: The Latest Interior Trend with Anna Blum

By Rose-Hannah Lishman

Anna Blum shares with us the inspiration behind shagreen and why its niche client demand remains as exclusive as ever. Discussing the muses during her travels in Asia and the style and luxury shagreen exudes, interior space has become as exciting as ever.

“I was travelling around Asia a lot and looking for inspiration finding beautiful things. Since I was related to the industry in my previous professional life for a few years I was looking for something to cater to that would be useful on board for those beautiful luxury interiors.” explains Anna Blum.

When discussing just what makes shagreen unique, Anna Blum lets us in on the craftsmanship that sets this process of production apart from almost any other material.

“It’s very durable and it’s actually very hard to work with so you need to find a craftsman who is able to [create]. It’s like stone almost which makes it so exclusive because you don’t have so many people that can do it.” shares Anna Blum.

“This trend has been established as one of the most precious leathers, of course after crocodile, which is probably still the most precious [...] it’s a maritime leather, it’s a maritime product so it goes beautiful for not only on board interiors but also residential aircrafts and private jets. The clients for this niche market are always looking for something special and very exclusive.”

By Rose-Hannah Lishman