MYS16: U-Boat Worx On Reaching New Depths

By Rose-Hannah Lishman

U-Boat Worx has become synonymous with safety, innovation and the exciting experience of underwater exploration. Joining us at the Breaking News Centre is Sales & Marketing Manager Erik Hasselman from U-Boat Worx who shares all about the design features and what sets them apart.

“We’ve got two submarines with us, we’ve got the superyacht sub which is specially designed for the superyacht market so a very compact lightweight submarine for three people and in the water we’ve got the sea explorer five that’s a very large subsea limousine as we call it, that can explore up to 200 metres deep.”

“The demand is increasing for people to explore and go further beyond the Mediterranean, they want to go beyond the Caribbean. They’ve seen the surface, they’ve seen what there is to do the bars and on land on the islands and having a submarine is one of the things they use to explore further down the water in this case.”

When it comes to setting themselves apart, U Boat Worx prides itself on its innovative features that combine comfort, style and technology to enhance the submarine experience for its users.

“What we find very important when building a submarine or designing a submarine is of course the view. You go down there to see something so people have the best view possible unobstructed. We want people to have the most comfort; air conditioning and of course safety is a very important feature so everything on our submarines is certified and is fully equipped and safety gadgets.

Of course there is the endurance and maneuverability of these submarines which is very important for people to have fun and have effortless pleasure exploring the subsea.”

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By Rose-Hannah Lishman