Nature Discovery Centre Opens in Turks & Caicos

By P. Joseph

Amanyara, a luxury resort on the Turks and Caicos Islands, has opened a Nature Discovery Centre which gives guests of all ages the chance to learn about the islands’ natural environment.

The Discovery Centre has developed a series of nature programmes in conjunction with the American Museum of Natural History exclusively – and free of charge – for guests of the resort.

Children aged between three and fourteen can participate in marine and terrestrial research expeditions, dissections, specimen collection and scavenger hunts, as well as a range of fun activities including pirate treasure hunts, trips to discover turtle nesting sites and kayaking.

For adults, there are eco hikes along coastal trails to see indigenous and endemic plant and animal species. Guided kayaking and snorkelling are also available to explore the marine life around the island and learn about the ocean waves, currents and tides.

In the evening the resort screens nature documentaries and hosts discussions and workshops with guest speakers such as Dr Glenn Gerber of San Diego Zoo and Dr Peter Richardson of the Marine Conversation Society.

For both adults and children night walks are organised to discover Turks and Caicos’ s nocturnal wildlife including rainbow boas, ghost crabs and spiders.

Rooms at the Amanyara start at £779 per night

By P. Joseph