Nautilus VAS Submarine - Underwater Luxury

By B. Roberts

Superyachts are able to journey over oceans to the farthest reaches of the globe; now the new Nautilus VAS private submersible offers the opportunity to travel to the greatest depths in complete luxury.

As marine technology advances, the luxury market will always rise to meet it, equipping superyachts with the finest machinery available. Designed by the US-based Nautilus Submarines & Diving Systems to a ‘Military Grade’ construction, the VAS Private Submersible offers superyacht owners a chance to journey underwater in pure comfort.

With lines that resemble a classic Bond vehicle, the Nautilus VAS is the only private submarine that hosts a toilet, stairs, minibar, digital video and music players with enough head room to stand up freely. The Nautilus VAS is priced at €2 million, giving the opportunity for superyacht owners to pair travel and exploration.

The Nautilus VAS will be able to view the marine world from a comfortable position. Vision from inside the submarine will be wide scale and crystal clear, using large, flat distortion-free optics.

The Nautilus VAS Mk. III is able to hold five passengers and can achieve around 6 knots alongside the ability to stay underwater for four days. The VAS is also equipped with a diver lockout station, allowing for passengers to disembark for a more personal underwater expedition.

By B. Roberts