NetJets Europe to Take Delivery of Signature Series Challenger 350 aircraft

By Paul Joseph

Private aviation giants NetJets are to take delivery of the Signature Series Challenger 350 aircraft from Bombardier Business Aircraft, the company has announced.

Official delivery is expected in mid-2015, when it will join NetJets’ European fleet as an industry leading super-midsize aircraft. It will follow delivery this summer to NetJets US, with additional aircraft on order scheduled to arrive over the next few years.

The Challenger 350 has been available for pre-sale in the US market for the past year and its success is one that NetJets is excited to replicate in Europe.

“The US fleet has seen great interest over the past year reaching into the ninth aircraft in terms of pre-sale, which is in excess of our initial plans,” Mrs Eugene-Beveridge added.

“We have accelerated our delivery schedule with Bombardier after selling through our initial allotment sooner than expected. With this uptake in the US, we are enthusiastic with the opening of the Challenger 350 for pre-sale to our European customers.”

NetJets worked closely with Bombardier to build the airtcraft to its customers’ specifications – from the custom cabin interior to the specific technical and performance characteristics.

The new aircraft will offer customers greater cabin comfort, larger windows to create a lighter and more airy cabin environment, and an advanced HD wireless entertainment system. Furthermore it is equipped with state-of-the-art avionics and delivers an increased wingspan, improved engine and efficiency features.

It will be a truly transcontinental jet, with a range of 3,786 sm (6,093km) and over seven hours flight time, and will have the capacity to land at even the most remote airports, according to NetJets.

The addition of the new Challenger 350 to the NetJets fleet is part of the company’s plan to add up to 670 new aircraft with a total value of $17.6 billion over 10 years.

NetJets Europe was founded in 1996 and today is the largest business jet company in Europe.

By Paul Joseph