NetJets Take On-Board Wines to New Heights

By Paul Joseph

Some people need a stiff drink before getting on a flight, but for others the desire for something delectable to imbibe mid-air is altogether more epicurean in nature.

Step forward private aviation giants NetJets, who have curated an onboard gastronomic menu that includes elegant wines from several of the world’s most prestigious wine-making regions.

A high-quality dining experience combined with impeccable service is at the heart of NetJets offering for discerning private jet clients, and the focus on fine wines demonstrates their commitment.

Created by the Berkshire Hathaway company’s in-house Head Chef, the onboard menus are designed to perfectly suit clients’ individual needs and desires, with a healthy and diverse range of meals using local ingredients and produce.

Alongside these meals, clients can select from a range of on-board wines, each chosen for their elegance, intensity, weight and complexity. Each wine represents a classic style from a world famous wine region and is ideal as a drink in its own right, or as the perfect complement to a meal.

Among the highlights are a 2014 Tassinaia from the Castello del Terriccio estate in the north of Maremma in Tuscany, a 2017 Châteauneuf-du-Pape from the Clos St Antonin estate in the Côtes-du-Rhône region of southern France, and a 2016 Chardonnay from the Tyler Winery in Santa Barbara County, California.

Founded in 1964 and launched in Europe in 1996, NetJets is the only pan-European business aviation company with its own fleet of aircraft.

By Paul Joseph