New “Yachts and Friends” Service is Launched

By Paul Joseph

European Travel Ventures, owners of the internationally acclaimed "The Yacht Week", a company offering sailing, regattas and entertainment experiences, has announced the launch of their new venture: "Yachts and Friends".

Launching this month, “Yachts and Friends” will offer a unique, tailored, competitively priced experience, catering to adventurous travelers wishing to immerse themselves in a week of sailing, relaxation and culture – whether or not they have any prior sailing experience or knowledge.

Clients are given their choice of yacht, destination and level of staffing. For those who have no sailing experience, or simply prefer to relax, each yacht has the option of a highly trained, in-house skipper who, aside from managing the yacht, will become an integral part of the crew – present at all times, acting as a guide and giving insider tips.

Next, clients choose from a variety of beautiful coastal routes in some of world’s most desired sailing destinations, including Croatia, Turkey and Greece, each of which offers awe-inspiring scenery, hidden bays, historic fishing villages and atmospheric coastal towns.

“Yachts and Friends” grew out of the huge success of The Yacht Week, which, since 2006, has sent 20,000 clients on charters across Greece, Croatia, Italy and the British Virgin Islands. Additional routes will be announced for 2014.

Through the use of real time web-based search engines, Yachts and Friends can effectively act as an independent advisor, enabling clients to access a wide selection of quality yachts, price match and compare real time rates.

This also links directly to their database of internationally trained skippers, which, once booked, can be contacted prior to your vacation to discuss all required specifications and provide a truly tailored charter.

By Paul Joseph