New ‘Asian-centric’ Cabin Concept for Business Jets

By Paul Joseph

French aircraft manufacturer Airbus has unveiled a corporate jet cabin concept, designed specifically for the Asian market.

The Phoenix Cabin, which was revealed for the first time at last week’s Asian Aerospace Expo and Congress in Hong Kong, includes several features that are in keeping with traditional Asian customs.

There is a seating area for up to six people around a dual-purpose table that can be used both as a dining table and for business meetings. Airbus says that this will appeal to the common Asian preference for communal eating.

The circular table folds down into a rectangular shape when not in use, making room for passengers to transform part of the space into an entertainment and recreation area. Airbus believes this is also conducive to the popularity in Asia of games such as Mah Jong and Karaoke, particularly within the world of business.

Airbus already boasts a strong presence in the Asia-Pacific corporate jet market, claiming 25 sales to date.

By Paul Joseph