New BMW 7-Series Pushes the Technological Boundaries

By Paul Joseph

German luxury carmakers BMW have unveiled their new 7-Series model which features an array of innovative gadgets.

Billed as combing supreme dynamic ability with luxurious long-distance comfort, the 6th generation model boasts sharper bodylines and a more slender design than its predecessor, giving it a sporty and futuristic aesthetic.

But most notably, the car has also been augmented with several technological features, such as the new iDrive 5.0 which offers gesture control along with touchscreen support, GPS-controlled transmission that uses satellites to determine what road the car is on driving on and in what conditions, and remote parking that can control the entire manoeuvre into the parking space, including steering, gear shifting, acceleration and braking.

Further additions include a new modular platform with body structure made from carbon fibre reinforced plastic, providing a reduction of nearly 300 pounds off the current generation 7-Series.

The car’s interior has also been dramatically revamped, with rear seats that can be reclined up to 42.5 degrees, while the front passenger seat can be moved all the way forward and the headrest electrically moved out of the way.

Additionally, the new 7-Series also comes with panoramic ‘Starlit Roof’ that uses LEDs to project light across etchings on the sunroof’s glass to depict a starlit sky in a selection of six colours.

The BMW 7-Series was first introduced in 1977.

By Paul Joseph