New IDevice App Could Replace In-flight Phone Systems

By P. Joseph

ASiQ Limited, developers of the patented SafeCell Application for smartphone use on aircrafts, has commissioned the world’s first iPhone Bluetooth ‘App’ for Business Jets, the company has announced.

With its ability to deliver voice and data services, the new App may eliminate the requirement for existing telephone handsets and systems on aircrafts, which can cost in excess of $30,000.

The iPhone and iPad test platform was commissioned on the Citation VII business jet, operated by Global Jet International, a Corporate Aircraft Charter. Global Jet International will be the launch customer for the system, with permanent installation scheduled for later this year.

Ron Chapman, ASiQ’s CEO, said: “This is a very important milestone for the company, as in order to effectively test the system you need to test it on an aircrafts satellite link.

“We are very excited with the results of the test and this App is truly unique.”

He added: “The test system comprised both an iPhone and iPad version connected via the Global Iridium satellite network.

“Following the successful testing we have submitted the App to Apple for approval.”

SafeCell is an Application that operates in "flight mode" and uses Bluetooth to emulate the normal functions of mobile phones such as Voice, SMS, MMS and Data. The App communicates via Bluetooth with a Tablet that controls the aircrafts satellite voice and data links. Passengers use noise canceling headsets which ensures the highest possible voice quality.

By P. Joseph