New Popeye Rolex Yachtmaster Features 18-Karat Yellow Gold

By Paul Joseph

Renowned designer DRxRomanelli and the Bamford Watch Department have teamed up once again to create a new version of the Popeye Rolex Yachtmaster timepiece.

Following the launch of the popular creation last year, the latest incarnation comes adorned with an 18-karat yellow gold exterior.

The watch also features custom “Popeye” dial with black index on contrasting white background and comes housed within a stylish box.

The new Special Edition “Popeye” Rolex Yachtmaster is strictly limited to just 10 pieces for retail. Prices are available on request through Bamford Watch Department.

Founded around 10 years ago, the Bamford Watfh Department is based around the personalisation of various iconic sports watches from some of the major brands of the watch world.

Darren Romanelli (aka DRx, Dr. Romanelli) is a Los Angeles based designer, marketer, and director, est known for creating series of customised, limited edition clothing, furniture and toys.

By Paul Joseph