New Snow2 Heads-Up Ski Display Released

By Paul Joseph

Canadian-based company Recon Instruments, a world leader in heads-up display technology, has unveiled a new model for skiing enthusiasts boasting an array of augmented features and functions.

Called Snow2, the latest heads-up display enables users to view maps, speed, temperatue and playlists while skiing or snowboarding down mountains.

The display also captures vertical descents, jump airtime, navigation, and distance using a built-in precision GPS and an integrated suite of sensors.

The GPS also allows full resort navigation, and when paired with a compatible Android or iOS device, users will have real-time tracking delivered direct-to-eye. Additionally, when pairing with a smartphone, the device allows you to read texts, view a call display and access music player controls.

Other notable features include a dual-core processor billed as three times more powerful than its predecessor, plus a more efficient battery that lasts about 35 per cent longer.

It also boasts a dedicated graphics processing unit providing enhanced brightness and contrast and increased screen readability, as well as wifi connectivity.

The model has been designed to fit into goggles from leading brands such as Oakley, Smith, Scott, Uvex, Apina, Birko, and Zeal.

Snow2 is available at and in Apple retail stores worldwide, as well as specialty ski and snowboard retailers, priced at $399.

By Paul Joseph