Nicholas Frankl Talks My Yacht Monaco at Monaco Grand Prix

By P. Joseph

My Yacht Monaco is one of the great modern success stories of the Monaco Grand Prix. Founded in 2004, the yacht hospitality firm has become a thriving one-stop shop for guests seeking a unique experience at one of the world’s most prestigious motor-racing events.

The three-day hospitality event offers clients a prime vantage point from which to view the racing on-board a private superyacht parked right by the race track. Guests are treated to an entire weekend programme, including a Royal yacht party attended by the cream of Monaco society.

The brains behind the concept is Nicholas Frankl, whose association with Monaco extends beyond yachts, or indeed Formula One. Mr Frankl is close friends with Prince Albert of Monaco - who attends the yacht party - and has competed three times against the Prince in the Winter Olympics at bobsleigh.

Sitting down with’s Shari Liu at the recent Monaco Grand Prix, on-board the 44.6-metre Feadship Harle, Mr Frankl discussed the inspiration behind My Yacht Monaco, and why this year’s offering has been better than ever.

“My Yacht Monaco was founded catering specifically to luxury brands - companies like Bombardie business aircraft, Vertu, Spyker, Luxor champagne, Aspery jewellery and watches,” said Mr Frankl.

“Their clients are executives who fly around the world, are expected to be treated well, and are used to being treated very well in their home countries.

“But when they get to Monte Carlo they don’t know anybody, they haven’t been here before, and everything is ‘Ooh monsieur, impossible’ because nobody know who they are.”

Mr Frankl said he estimates that there was between $75 and 100 billion dollars worth of guests at this year’s event – out of a total of 250 guests. And with that level of wealth on-board, it is no surprise that luxury brands are clambering to join the party.

“We have Victor Muller of Spyker here – and the brand new Spyker Aileron outside – we have Henrik Fisker and the new Fisker electric car, we have Luxor Gold champagne at 500 euros a bottle that we’re serving like water, we have caviar, we have a Gold show, we have Chateau d'Esclans who make the finest rose wine in the world, Whispering Angel,” Mr Frankl said.

“So we have an amazing combination, and then we have the magic which is the guests, because you can put all that together but if you have the wrong guests you’ve got the wrong atmosphere.”

An 18-time veteran attendee of the Monaco Grand Prix, Mr Frankl believes there is nothing like it on earth – and for luxury brands, it is a no-brainer to get involved.

“Some of the brands are affiliated to formula one, but most of them are not, they’re just extremely luxurious brands that want to enjoy the Monaco Grand Prix, reach their audience, reach their clients, host their clients on-board, and reward them at what is one of the greatest weekends in the world, Mr Frankl added.

“We have Formula One sponsors, we have Formula One guests of course, we have drivers coming and attending as well, and we have the Prince.

“For luxury brands who want to reach the best clients in the world in a convivial, social environment, there’s no better place to do it than at the Monaco Grand Prix on a private 30 million dollar Feadship. Where else can you go?”

With My Yacht Monaco consistently adding to the glitz and glamour of one of the world’s great sporting occasions, the Monaco Grand Prix will be hoping that Nicholas Frankl and his innovative hospitality venture will be going nowhere.

By P. Joseph