Nolet Launches $700 Reserve Dry Gin

By P. Joseph

Premium gin maker Nolet has launched a limited-edition Reserve Dry gin – touted as one of the rarest and most expensive gins ever created.

Priced at $700, the super-premium bottle was unveiled at the exclusive Rose Club, Plaza Hotel, New York. The gin will only be available in the United States.

The Dutch Nolet Family are renowned for their production of distilled spirits. The patriarch of the family, C.J. Nolet Sr., has been working for over four decades to perfect the Reserve Dry Gin recipe.

Combining warm, spicy saffron and subtle, delicate verbena, Nolet says that the beverage is intended to be sipped to fully enjoy its complexity and balance.

In addition to the Reserve Gin, Nolet have also recently released a 95.2-proof Silver Gin. With its inclusion of ingredients such as white peach, raspberry, and Turkish rose, the gin has been receiving positive reviews on the liquor circuit for its slightly sweet and flowery tones.

By P. Joseph