Nolet Relaunches World’s Most Expensive Gin

By Paul Joseph

Dutch spirits makers Nolet have reintroduced the limited edition Nolet Reserve – whose retail price of $700 makes it the world’s most expensive gin.

First launched in 2010, the new limited edition bottles are the culmination of three years’ of alchemy with the aim of producing the perfect combination of botanicals and flavours.

Whilst the basic ingredients remain the same, the new reserve also boasts notes of rose petals, apples, and red berries. According to its makers, Nolet’s unique distilling procedure also adds further to preserving the gin’s complex flavours

Each bottle comes signed and numbered by the brand’s eponymous chairman, Carolus H. J. Nolet.

Over 1,500 bottles of the Nolet Reserve have been sold since its 2010 launch.

By Paul Joseph