Nouvoyage Introduce First Luxury Amphibious Tender

By Paul Joseph

An innovative new initiative to further push the boundaries of the luxury lifestyle has today been introduced to the market after Nouvoyage unveiled the first amphibian Limousine Tender 33.

After analyzing the marine sector, and paying particular attention to the superyacht industry, Nouvoyage has chosen the world’s most unique luxury market to introduce the world’s first amphibious limousine tender.

Nouvoyage recognized that, historically, amphibious vehicles have been plagued with reliability and performance limitations due to their complex mechanical systems, preventing this dual purpose platform from ever achieving large scale deployment,” explains Martin Bodley, Nouvoyage’s Chief Executive Officer. “Nouvoyage has created a platform that breaks through these known barriers with a patented design combining mechanical simplicity with state-of-the-art technologies drawn from leading commercial, military and racing industry advancements. Our platform will benefit existing uses of amphibious vehicles as well as opening doors for many new applications and industries.”

Nouvoyage is pleased to formally introduce the Nouvoyage Limousine Tender 33’ for the superyacht and resort properties markets and to capture the imagination of the luxury consumer. These custom vehicles have many bespoke design elements which allow the owner to personalise the fit out.

Ideal for road and waterway transportation, this new design is sure to push the limitations of what the modern superyacht owner can include in the creation of their dream vessel.

By Paul Joseph