Old Timer, New Collection: Hanhart at BaselWorld

By P. Joseph

One of the longest-standing participants at the BaselWorld watch and jewellery fair, taking place in Switzerland right now, is watch brand Hanhart.

The prestigious Swiss-German watch maker has appeared at the high-profile event uninterrupted since the 1950s.

This year, under the leadership of CEO Thomas Morf, who took the helm last October, the luxury watch label has arrived in Basel with some lavish additions to its collections.

Amongst the new timepieces on display are three additions to the brand’s Primus Collection, which launched at BaselWorld in 2009. New Pilot, Racer and Diver chronographs combine the latest technology with progressive design, and are now being introduced with elegant, black ADLC-coated cases.

Additionally there is a special gold version of the Primus Diver, priced at around €12,500.

Mr Morf, who lives in Zurich, achieved great prominence in the watch world as CEO of Swiss watch-maker Carl F. Bucherer, who he left to join Hanhart. At this year’s BaselWorld, he has secured a coveted spot in a huge pop-up lounge at the exhibition centre.

The Hanhart watch factory was founded in 1882 in Diessenhofen, Switzerland. Today it is based in Gütenbach, Germany.

BaselWorld, the world's biggest watch and jewellery fair, runs until Thurday 31st March.

By P. Joseph