Panasonic Launches £500,000 Super-Sized HD Plasma Screen

By Paul Joseph

Electronics giant Panasonic has released a 152” TV screen, billed as the world’s largest plasma screen, and priced at half-a-million pounds.

Boasting a 4k by 2k resolution, the screen can also be converted to 3D with viewers wearing active shutter glasses which are triggered by an infrared image.

Self-illuminating plasma panels offer excellent response to moving images with full motion picture resolution, making them suitable for rapid 3D image display.

The display also features a revolutionary new plasma display panel (PDP) Panasonic developed with its new quadruple luminous efficiency technology. The panel incorporates a crosstalk reduction technology, essential for producing clear 3D images.

The screen is being solely distributed in the UK by PSCo, specialists in video-walls and large format displays.

By Paul Joseph