Panasonic Unveil New Transparent TV Concept

By Paul Joseph

Electronics giant Panasonic have unveiled an eye-catching new transparent television concept at the prestigious Salone del Mobile, also known as the Milan Furniture Fair, currently taking place in Italy.

Named Vitrine, the OLED display concept was designed in collaboration with Swiss furniture brand Vitra. It resembles a glass cabinet with a wooden frame built around it and has been designed in a way that blends naturally into any contemporary living space when not in use.

Upon switching on the display, the transparent section transforms into a fully functional, vivid OLED display.

The electronic components are smartly hidden inside the wooden frame, while the lighting element for the OLED display is also built into the frame, which also doubles up as its stand.

It took two years for Panasonic and Vitra to complete the concept study for the transparent display and come up with the first prototype.

The concept at the show is placed on a wooden bookshelf and has several display items kept behind the glass display, showcasing its use as a furniture item.

Panasonic plans to display the concept in Tokyo from the end of April, though the company has not yet revealed if the Vitrine will enter production anytime soon.

By Paul Joseph