Panoz 'Spirit of Le Mans' Unveiled

By B. Roberts

To coincide with the Le Mans 24 Hours race, race car manufacturer Panoz has unveiled the Abruzzi ‘Spirit of Le Mans’, the futuristic race car for the road.

After years of understanding the intricate details of the Le Mans Race Course, Panoz has introduced the Abruzzi Spirit of Le Mans, the latest addition to their small portfolio of roadgoing race cars.

Her 600+ horsepower engine sits low down and behind the front axle for optimal balance. The Spirit of Le Mans is engineered to aid balance and cooling alongside offering a new composite construction material. Panoz specially developed a new material for this car, said to be bulletproof and both stronger and lighter than carbon fibre.

The Panoz Abruzzi Spirit of Le Mans was kept under wraps until recently unveiled in France alongside the news that only 81 specimens of the car will be made over a three year period. For the potential owners of the breathtaking automobile, the car will come with professional instruction on how to handle her at the Bugatti Le Mans track and the owner will be invited  as a guest by the manufacturer and organiser to the circuit to the Le Mans 24 Hours track.

By B. Roberts