Papillon - New Mechanical Mobile Phone

By B. Roberts

The Papillon is the new, entirely mechanical, mobile phone from Celsius X VI II which combines mobile technology, classic mechanical construction and the timeless precision of a Swiss watch.

Made with 547 well crafted individual parts, the Papillon has gears and mechanisms that work seamlessly with one another to achieve accuracy which only precision craftsmanship can achieve.

Celsius X VI II, the brand behind the phone, state “Celsius X VI II is fundamentally an innovative brand that combines mobile telephony with prestige watch making in creating nomadic objects d'art.”

The phone was designed to mimic a butterfly (Papillon meaning Butterfly in French) by using the Remontage Papillon opening mechanism in the hinge which activates when the phone is opened, operating solely through human energy.

The innovative mechanical mobile phone holds all the markings of high grade quality, priced at approx. $275,000 and will make its debut at the upcoming Basel World watch fair in Switzerland.

By B. Roberts