Paris Museum Creates Immersive Digital Van Gogh Installation

By Paul Joseph

The L’Atelier des Lumières museum, Paris’s first digital art museum, has drawn back the curtains on a high-tech installation featuring paintings by the iconic Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh.

Open until the end of the year, the larger-than-life exhibit showcases stunning works that can be enjoyed through an immersive combination of digital art and music.

Famous paintings including Starry Night (1889) and Sunflowers (1887) are displayed around visitors in digital media, allowing you to immerse yourself in their beauty.

From a series of 35-minute screenings titled ‘Van Gogh, La Nuit Etoilée’ to the influence of Japanese culture on his paintings, the museum is brimming with culture and art.

Forming part of the exhibition are glimpses of cherry blossoms, geishas and samurai warriors, each element paying ode to the enigmatic nature of Japanese culture.

Nestled in the city’s 11th arrondissement, inhabiting the renovated remains of a 19th -century foundry, L’Atelier des Lumières, is home to large-scale, projection-based exhibits that use state-of-the-art projection systems, paintings, collages, and mosaic.

Exhibits are accompanied by an original soundtrack, composed to fit, and complement each body of work, creating a vivid, immersive experience.

By Paul Joseph