Patek Philippe Launch New Timepiece With Enhanced Efficiency

By P. Joseph

Distinguished Swiss watch maker Patek Philippe have launched a new timepiece featuring Silinvar – a unique type of silicon created by the brand’s Advanced Research department – that it believes will improve the accuracy, reliability, lifespan and efficiency of its watches.

The ref. 5550P timepiece uses a new Silinvar component called the GyromaxSi balance wheel – which resembles an hour glass with inlaid gold added for weight.

Silinvar parts are smoother and thus have less air resistance, and are also relatively frictionless, enabling watch movements to last longer and retain greater accurately, as well as making better use of their power reserve, the company claims.

The three areas of the watch produced in Silinvar are the GryomaxSi balance wheel, the Pulsomax escapement (two parts which includes the escapement wheel and anchor in Silinvar), and the Spiromax balance spring.

The ref. 5550P is limited to 3,000 pieces and comes in a platinum case that is 37.2mm wide and just under 9mm thick. Each watch is engraved with the words "Advanced Research" on the dial.

Watch brands have been experimenting with silicon for many years now, with Patek Philippe leading the way. The cost of the 5550P model is yet to be announced.

By P. Joseph