Paul Smith Launches New Track Watch Collection

By Rose-Hannah Lishman

At the age of just 16, Paul Smith began his fashion journey working at a clothing warehouse in England with alternative aspirations of becoming a professional racing cyclist.

Today, 40 years later in his career, the famed Brit-designer is launching a new ‘Track’ watch collection which draws on one of the fashion-houses’ biggest inspirations: cycling.

Drawing not only on Paul’s personal love of the sport, but designed in tune with the stopwatches classically used to keep time in the velodrome, the new timepieces are expected to keep time whilst inflicting just the right amount of designer-led style from the celebrated London brand.

With a nod to traditional horology, the minimalist design features include subtle white specks of colour and a deep-red second-hand that ticks with precise judgment and adds a slick touch of the panache Paul Smith’s name has become so synonymous with: sports-lux.

Alongside its clean outer aesthetic, the mechanics of the collection are equally appealing. A slim structure encases a three-hand movement and with an attractive range of straps and bracelets, there is sure to be an accessory to please even the most active and fashion-conscious in this fusion of chic and sport. From stainless steel to rose-gold, the case metals are modern yet masculine, whilst the leather adds a sophisticated and gentlemanly air.

With an extremely competitive price range for such a well-refined collection, designers at Paul Smith are setting a new track record on creating an affordable classic timepiece with an innovative twist. Prices start from just £179 making the elegant piece a perfect choice for a personal treat or perhaps a fail-safe gift.

By Rose-Hannah Lishman