Philippe Starck Creates Kitchen Towers for Warendorf

By Paul Joseph

Iconic French designer Philippe Starck has designed a set of luxury kitchen storage-facilities for German manufacturer Warendorf.

Comprising two standing units – one a fridge freezer and the other for ovens – the Tower Kitchen set can be customised in 300 different vatiations, from wood designs to textured laminations and glass surfaces.

Each of the stand-alone towers covers just one square metre, whilst offering space for all kinds of accessories, food, utensils and kitchen appliances.

"The kitchen used to be the hearth and centre of any home,” said Starck. "It is where the entire family meets."

“When I was designing the Warendorf kitchen, the huge task was to create a room that everyone wants to be in because it exudes a feeling of well-being.”

As well as the two towers, the kitchen set also includes the Trumpet Table, a working module that provides preparation space, hob, sink and dining spot, as well as offering storage space beneath the work surface.

The cost of the Philippe Starck Tower Kitchen for Warendorf is available on request to the manufacturer.

By Paul Joseph