Philippe Starck Designs Luxury Bali Resort

By Paul Joseph

Legendary French designer and architect Philippe Starck has lent his world-renowned talents to the creation of a stunning luxury hotel resort on the Indonesia island of Bali.

The resort – called The Stairs - is the brainchild of entrepreneurs Nicolas Panzani and Noel Cibriani who along with co-founder Hugues Revuelta travelled to Bali to explore the possibility of creating an “urban village”.

Combined with Philippe Starck’s unique wizardry, as well as the vision of American painter and graffiti artist John Perello who collaborated with Starck, the project is now set to come to fruition.

Boasting 12 villas, and a host of amenities including a patisserie, restaurant, bar lounge, boutique, Mezzanine Biibliotèque, signature Spa and gym, the resort is billed as combing the vitality of a public meeting space with the refuge of a self-contained private residence.

Each of the 12 villas features a living space, office area, dining room, downstairs bath, lofted bedroom, master bath suite, outdoor dining, terrace lounge, as swimming pool and an in-pool lounge.

Guest will also enjoy a host of lavish services including personal concierge for each villa as well as a personal gym coach.

Philippe Starck is known for his wide range of designs, including everything from interior design to household objects such as toothbrushes and chairs, to watches and boasts. He has also worked on a large number of hotel interiors.

By Paul Joseph