Piper-Hiedsieck Unveil Bejewelled Champagne Bottles

By Paul Joseph

Illustrious French champagne brand Piper-Heidsieck have unveiled limited-edition Rare Le Secret High Jewelry that comes in bejewelled bottles.

Introduced under the cuvee brand- Rare, each bottle features a single precious stone of at least one carat (diamond, ruby, sapphire or emerald) embedded over a well-formed pattern of gold and 510 diamonds on the body of decanter.

On the contents of the bottle being drunk, the buyer is taken to Maison Mellerio in Paris, where “jewelers will transform the bottle’s beautiful adornment into a brooch, bracelet or pendant, depending on the owner’s wishes”.

Only ten limited editions of the Rare Le Secret have been created, with one each of the sapphire, ruby and emerald variants available for sale exclusively at Harrods in the UK.

As per Régis Camus, the cellar master of the champagne house, the bottles are so expensive ($151,000 each) because they originate from a “secret” batch of exceptional 1997 vintage chardonnay and pinot noir champagne.

The “Marie-Antoinette inspired” gems and gold bottle produced by the French jeweller Mellerio dits Meller further help lift the price. Those looking for something lighter on the pocket can go for Rare Le Secret Goldsmith, which comes in a limited edition of 50 bottles, priced at $1,480 each.

Piper-Heidsieck was founded in Reims, France by Florens-Louis Heidsieck in 1785.

By Paul Joseph