Polished Diamond to go Under the Hammer in Hong Kong

By Paul Joseph

A stunning 88.22-carat polished diamond is to go under the hammer at a prestigious Sotheby’s auction in Hong Kong

Estimated to fetch between $11.2 and $12.7 million, the diamond is brimming with beautiful features, including a D colour, flawless, type Ila and oval brilliant gem.

Sotheby’s has labelled the stone as being “perfect” on “every critical criterion” that diamonds are measured. Boasting the highest ranking for the 3 C’s – colour, clarity and cut, the diamond is also extremely well-polished and symmetrical.

Past records of Sotheby’s indicate that only a small handful of diamonds have ever been offered at auction of more than 50 carats and that share all of these qualities.

Sotheby’s also said that the Type IIa designation means it is the most chemically pure type of diamond with exceptional optical transparency.

“When you think that one ton of mined earth yields less than a carat of diamond, and that high-quality diamonds over 10 carats are a rarity, the discovery of a 242-carat rough, of gem quality and exceptional size, is nothing short of a miracle,” says Patti Wong, chairman of Sotheby’s Asia.

“The perfect 88.22-carat diamond is a summary of everything: a wonder of nature, a masterpiece resulting from man’s ability to shape the hardest material on earth into an object of ultimate beauty and the most concentrated form of wealth.”

Discovered in the Jwaneng mine in Bostwana, the finished diamond was from a 242-carat rough stone.

By Paul Joseph