Porsche Announce $8,000 Fingerprint Personalisation Option

By Paul Joseph

Car personalisation has become ever more creative in recent years, particularly in the luxury car sector, and now German manufacturer Porsche has pushed the envelope even further with a quirky but innovative option for its clients.

The Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur, the carmaker’s in-house personalisation division, is now offering customers the chance to put a giant version of their own fingerprint on the hood of the new Porsche 911.

The gimmicky personalisation option uses direct printing technology developed in the paint shop of Porsche’s Zuffenhausen training centre in Germany. With the help of this technology, more detailed designs can be created that aren’t possible with conventional painting.

For the process, the hood of the 911 is removed and the owner’s biometric applied onto the body panel by a robot. A clear coat is then applied afterwards and the hood is finally polished to attain a high-gloss finish.

“Individuality is very important for Porsche customers. And no design can be more personal than your own fingerprint,” says Alexander Fabig, Vice President Individualisation and Classic.

“Porsche is a pioneer in personalisation and has developed the direct printing method together with partners. We’re especially proud of having developed a completely new product offering based on new technologies. A key factor in this was the different disciplines working together in the project team.”

The personalisation option will be available starting from March and costs around €7,400.

By Paul Joseph