Prada Unveils 'Pradasphere’ Exhibition at Harrods

By Paul Joseph

Iconic Italian fashion house Prada has opened its eagerly awaited exhibition at the prestigious Harrods department store in London.

Located on Harrods’ fourth floor, the ‘Pradasphere’ exhibition chronicles Prada’s 25-year history by breaking it down into 5 distinct themes: ‘Continentalism’, ‘Femasculinity’, ‘Modernity’, ‘Figuration’ and ‘Excessivity’.

The exhibition was curated by Michael Rock and comprises some of the brand’s most renowned items, all lavishly encased in crystal, steel and polished wood displays, and designed to celebrate the creative legacy of Prada’s eponymous founder Miuccia Prada.

“This is less about what the brand DNA is than, these are the obsessions she returns to,” said curator Michael Rock. “We wanted to, in a way, eschew all the typical divisions of a fashion system.

“As much as I think you see a lot of stylistic variation in her work, I actually think that in terms of the ideas, they are quite consistent,” continued Rock. “Subjects like vanity or power or ambivalence – those are things that you see almost in all of her work.”

Running simultaneously with the exhibition, Harrods is also playing host to a temporary 130-square-metre pop-up store with 40 window displays showcasing an array of Prada’s famed leather goods and accessories including jewellery and eyewear, plus a capsule collection created exclusively for Harrods

Pradasphere at Harrods will be open from May 2nd to 29th.

By Paul Joseph