Private Jet Showroom Opens in London

By Paul Joseph

The Jet Business has opened in Belgravia, London, giving prospective customers the chance to plan their jet sale or purchase face-to-face with industry experts.

Billed as the world’s first corporate aviation showroom for business jet aircraft, the unique store front invites visitors, by appointment only, to meet with experts and analysts in complete privacy.

The centrepiece of the showroom is the recreation of a full size fuselage of a large corporate jet. Before entering it, clients are greeted with floor to ceiling screens running the length of the room, whilst beyond the entrance and fuselage is a boardroom and a private meeting room.

Following this is the trading floor environment for the sales team with individual desks modeled on corporate jet cockpits.

A customized iPad application powers the showroom’s technology that compares and contrasts the various aircraft types to an individual’s profiles, whilst full time analysts and business intelligence teams create the information engine using real time market intelligence to deliver unique data.

This information, including comparative graphic images and full size 1:1 cabin cross sections of the jets, is viewed on the electronic floor to ceiling screens of the showroom.

Steve Varsano, Founder of The Jet Business, said: “As well as inviting potential sellers and purchasers, it is equally as important for us to partner with the manufacturers and other corporate aviation vendors.

“As an independent buyer’s representative we are completely impartial with our advice and provide a neutral environment.”

The Jet Business is currently focusing on the upper end of the business jet sector including aircraft types from Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Cessna, Dassault, Embraer, Gulfstream and Hawker Beechcraft. The company also markets a number of pre-owned business jets for owners as their exclusive broker.

“We have had a terrific response and enthusiasm from the industry,” Mr Varsano said.

“We will work with the leading professionals in the sector to offer a true One Stop Service for business jet shopping and include preferred vendor lists as a supplement to our service.

“Business jet flying is all about saving time and we are mirroring that ethos with The Jet Business. There are many new buyers out there, from Asia and the Middle East and the emerging markets, who need education on the types available and their specific operating characteristics. Here, they can consider all the options in a dynamic setting.”

If clients are unable to meet at The Jet Business office, the team will travel to any destination in the world and bring a mobile version, Mr Varsano said.

The Jet Business plans to roll out the brand in additional global locations including New York, China and the Middle East.

By Paul Joseph