Producing the World’s Finest Reds for China

By Ben Roberts

We caught up once again with Cantine Salvano to discuss the latest consumer behaviour surround high-quality red wine in China, as well as the new trend bringing more and more western tastes to Asia.

“It’s a family winery," explains Francesco Davico, Export Manager for Salvano. "We have been doing this since 85 years ago in the Belango area which became a UNESCO heritage site in 2014. It’s close to Alba which is the city famous for its white truffles and red wine, the most famous of which is Barolo.

We often organise white truffle dinner with Barolo in China, in the main cities such as Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Beijing or Shanghai. They love it, they love Barolo and good red wine. Intensive, strong and they love white truffle.”

The rich and distinguished tastes of Europe are a new found luxury good in China, with the luck of the colour red mixed with the prestige and palette of Italian wines from Salvano combining to attract new levels of elite. Watch the full video above for a closer look into Chinese luxury wine culture.

By Ben Roberts