Puiforcat Launch Champagne Collection

By P. Joseph

Expert Parisian silversmiths Puiforcat have created a new hand-crafted Champagne Collection, containing a unique champagne beaker.

The beaker, a tasting tool created in 1999 as part of a collaboration between Puiforcat and champagne maker Bruno Paillard, is the collection’s flagship piece. Hand-crafted in its entirety, the solid silver beaker’s pointed bottom stimulates the geyser effect while the elegant guilloche design guides the rippling bubbles.

The finest aroma is released through it s narrow neck, whilst upon contact with the chilled champagne, a veil of light frost forms on the outside of the beaker, helping keep the beverage cold.

As well as the beaker, the collection also includes two new pieces - a champagne dagger and a champagne glass - whose crystal has been hand-blown at the Cristalleries de Saint-Louis glass workshop.

The collection also boasts a tray in combination with seven bowls complete with champagne coasters.

Puiforcat were founded in Paris in 1820.

By P. Joseph