Qatar To Get $500 million Floating Resort

By P. Joseph

A semi-submerged, eco-friendly resort featuring four sprawling hotels with underwater rooms designed to look like superyachts is to be built in the Gulf Emirate state of Qatar.

Italian architectural firm Giancarlo Zema Design Group is set to work on the $500 million Amphibious 1000 project, which, as well as the innovative hotels, will include residential buildings, offices, a central marine park, floating walkways and underwater marine galleries.

Situated in the middle of a marine reserve, Amphibious 1000 is designed to attract scuba-divers and nature-lovers, drawn by its ‘green’ credentials and unique features.

“It is like a big aquatic animal stretching out from the land into the sea, and extends horizontally for one kilometre thanks to two long wide arms,” a spokesperson from Giancarlo Zema Design Group said.

The resort will also feature 80 floating suites, dubbed Jellyfish, which come equipped with underwater viewing decks overlooking an artificial reef bed.

Each Jellyfish will accommodate up to six guests, and will have five levels including a relaxation room, sleeping quarters and bathrooms, kitchen, guest rooms and a private aquarium lounge.

Guests will be able to move around the resort on foot or via electric buggies. A fleet of hydrogen-powered, glass-bottomed yachts will also be available for charter.

A completion date for the project is yet to be announced.

By P. Joseph