QE2 Converted into Luxury Hotel & Museum in Dubai

By Paul Joseph

The Queen Elizabeth 2, one of the world’s most iconic ocean liners, is to be permanently docked off the coast of Dubai where it has been converted into a luxury floating hotel and museum.

Originally retired from service in 2008, the historic vessel has completed an impressive 800 transatlantic crossings and has carried 2.5 million passengers since it was first launched in 1967.

Now it will enjoy a second life hosting discerning parties and guests seeking a unique accommodation experience.

Renovations and refurbishment are still in progress with 7 of the 13 decks and 5 of 13 bars and restaurants ready for business. A British pub style bar will serve alcohol but its slot machines will not function, due to gambling being illegal in Dubai.

Guests will have a wide range of on-board accommodation options, from simple cabins priced at $150 a night all the way through to ultra-luxurious rooms worth $15,000 a night.

There will also be Dubai Duty Free stores on board the QE2, so guests can pick up gift and souvenirs during their stay.

The hotel is due for a soft opening next week before a fully-fledged grand opening in October.

By Paul Joseph